Folking It Up

Folk music is such a huge umbrella, under which sit a myriad of other genres, from klezmer to blues, from country to bluegrass and back again. There's a wealth of incredible music to discover out there!


I've seen a lot, sadly not all, of the people I'm posting performing live. There's little better in the world for me.


There's a list of who's already featured, and also, if there's someone you'd like to recommend jump to the top of the queue, there's a link for that too. They're both up there, see? Up top there? :)


Also up there is a list of folk festivals, I'd love to hear from you about your favourite festivals that I haven't yet added to the list.


I have a master list that I'm selecting artists from, utterly at random & keeping a constant queue with new folky videos posting every day.


Current number of artists in master list: 6710.


I wish I'd thought it through a bit better, but I can't follow back on this tumblr :( I dearly wish I could. Maybe I should have a link to fellow folk tumblrs?


Friday Folk Favourites: Got a favourite folky song, even if the artist has already featured, then I'd love for you to let me know and I’ll feature it on a Friday Folk Favourite slot.

Recent Tweets @folkingup

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